Austin Area Homes Discussion


We have quite a few clients who don't have kids yet that want 'good schools'.   As those of you that have older kids know, there's just no telling what any school district or specific school is going to be like 10-15 years from today.


New schools open, boundaries change, and the demographics around the school could change.   Granted, there are quite a few schools around Austin that have been great for 20+ years and they'll likely stay that way specifically due to the fact that the school is what drove the parents interested in education to the area.   These areas around Austin such as Eanes ISD, Westwood Highschool, and numerous schools in Leander ISD (Riverplace, Cedar Park, and Leander) drive prices up in these areas.   Does that mean there aren't going to be great schools in other areas?  Definitely not, schools are driven by parental participation in their children's education just as much as they're driven by great teachers.  My oldest son went through the public school system and graduated from the University of Texas.  He didn't graduate from one of the 'big' well known high schools.    So, don't get too frustrated or obsessed with schools, especially if you don't have kids in Junior High or High School already.   If you do happen to have kids in Junior High or High School and you're looking specifically for schools in the area, let us know!  We've got a ton of experience with helping you choose the right school for your kids.